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December 08 2014

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Doris Salcedo ( İstanbul )
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SOARING is a shortfilm showing what is keeping many photographers sleepless through the winter nights in the arctic landscapes and rural areas of northern Norway; the northern lights. The film was shot this autumn from late august to mid november in and around the areas of the city of Tromsø, as well as on the beautiful island of Senja.

All sequences are realtime video, no timelapse used. This film shows the auroras how they really are in real world, not like in most timelapses where they flicker in ridicilous speeds over the screen. Most of the time auroras move really slow and majestically. However, occasionally when you have a strong display they may move really fast, way to fast to be reproduced by timelapse. This video contains some of the wildest auroral displays I have witness in my life in the skies over Tromsø. These displays could never have been presented as they were without realtime video. Even realtime video with framerate of 25fps is struggling to keep up at times with the fastest displays.

-- Ole C. Salomonsen on Vimeo

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December 02 2014

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December 01 2014

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November 14 2014

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October 11 2014

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